About teff

Teff is an ancient grain with amazing nutritional properties. Its origin date back to 4000-1000 BC in the Horn of Africa and South-West Arabia.

Teff is a whole grain: since the seed is so small, is not possible to separate the germ from the cruscale, so the seed is enterely milled, preserving a very high fiber content .

High fiber content and complex carbohydrates (slowly digestible starches) allow teff to have a low glycemic index: teff is indicated for diabetics, for those people who wants to lose weight, for athletes who seek more strength. Last but not least, teff is a cereal suitable for coeliacs.

Teff is easily digestible and controls the sense of hunger Teff also regulates sugar levels in the blood and stimulates the bowel regularity.

It can be considered a good dietary supplement.

Teff can be considered an exceptional food for anybody, but in particular for:
  • People who suffer from celiac disease and gluten intolerance;
  • Vegans and vegerarians (teff is high in proteins);
  • People who suffer from diabetes (high in fiber and low glycemic index);
  • Health-conscious people (high in minerals, vitamins, fibers and vegetable proteins).

Dr. Patrizia Cristallo