About us

is a new reality of the Italian food industry born from the idea of a team of professionals from diverse management background but motivated to bring to your table Gluten-free products with innovative cereals and with high nutritional content.

The innovative cereals we use are Teff, Ethiopia's ancient native corn, and certified gluten-free oat.

Our products are made not just for those who are gluten intolerant but also for all those people who want a balanced diet, genuineness of the ingredients, and for all those people always looking for new recipes, simple and tasty.

All ´s recipes are studied with the collaboration of experienced Italian chefs in gluten-free food.
For the choice of the best ingredients, relies on Aksum Gmbh - Supplier of food better.

Our Mission

was born to revolution taste and quality of gluten free food. We only use innovative recipes and special ingredients.